About Don Gibson Studios

Don Gibson Studios is proud to offer select North American hardwood pieces. Each one has a story. We are discerning and attentive to the quality and history of each piece. Please take a look at some of our inventory shown on this site. There is much more available than is shown, and we look forward to working with you to find the perfect pieces to suit your needs. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Don Gibson's Passion & Philosophy

Our passion is creating custom functional art while capturing the natural beauty of live edge wood for present and future generations. Unlike trees which are grown and harvested for lumber, trees sawn for live edge slabs are usually at the end of their life cycle. Many die from insect damage and/or disease; others from lightning strikes, fire, wind and storm damage. These trees usually end up as firewood, the beauty of their life’s history lost forever. However, sawing these salvaged logs reveals for the first time, incredible surprises of beauty and character from their life stories.

Don Gibson's Commitment To Sustainability

In our 40+ years of creating custom functional art from live edge, our philosophy has always been to “stay as close to the stump as possible” and use as little tethered energy (electric and computerized machinery) as we can. We do not work with exotic rainforest wood. While in our early days, we used west coast woods, we now only work with salvaged wood from east of the Mississippi – with a focus on the diverse species of woods native to the Appalachian and Alleghany regions.

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